M.D. Pain Specialists
Locations In Salinas and
Stockton, CA


Interventional Procedures
• Spinal Injections
• Epidurals
• Facet Blocks
• Radiofrequency
• Sympathetic Blocks
• Joint Injections
• Nerve Blocks
• Trigger Point Injections
• Botox (Scientifically validated techniques ISIS Protocol where applicable)

Intradiscal Procedures

Discography and other intradiscal procedure ( ISIS Protocol)

Pain IQEQ ( PIE-Q)

The current health care environment presents its own
challenges and opportunities. Our Pain Program offers many of these challenges with customized solutions to pain care for the most difficult patients with a specific focus on the injured worker.

MD Pain Entourage

The goal of this service is to introduce a wide range of pain therapies through the latest technologies, to support self management techniques.